5 IDN Poker Winning Techniques

5 IDN Poker Winning Techniques

Playing idn poker together is the most fun thing. The number of members on a trusted online gambling site will be a joy and enthusiasm for other gamblers.

Playing online gambling is not new anymore. With the increasing number of gambling members every year, forcing the developers of the gambling site to increase the number of online gambling sites.

So now online gambling sites are widely spread on the internet and social media. In Indonesia, gambling is still strictly prohibited.

Even so, Indonesia is actually the best market share. For example, such as a trusted IDN poker site that is willing to have an agent with an Indonesian display only to handle members in Indonesia.

And this explains why Indonesia is so paid attention to specifically making online gambling agents with an Indonesian display. Because indeed many Indonesian people do not understand English.

With events like this we are absolutely sure that there are many gamblers from Indonesia. And is a potential and a good market share.

In Indonesia itself, gambling is strictly prohibited, although it is still banned Indonesian people are gambling online.

It is always a job for the government to block online gambling sites in Indonesia.

When it’s blocked, we always have a way to be able to access the site again.

Can use a VPN or use an alternative link that is usually provided by the site if their website is blocked.

The IDN poker gambling site Kampuspoker.net provides lots of facilities, bonuses and promotions for you members on the IDN poker gambling site. Various variants of the IDN poker gambling game will complete your needs.

This complete variant will keep you from moving to other sites to play online gambling. Starting from poker gambling, soccer gambling, lottery gambling, ceme gambling, capsa susun gambling.

Playing gambling with the IDN poker gambling site will bring you luck and profit, so don’t forget to look for the official IDN poker site agent in Indonesia.


Playing poker gambling is the best-selling gambling game among other gambling games. By using the card as the main tool.

This online poker gambling has succeeded in making gamblers fall in love with and always wanting to play this poker gambling. by using playing cards each player will be dealt 2 cards for each player.

Usually in one room or one table there is one dealer and 5-8 online poker gambling players. Each player will be dealt 2 cards. After that the dealer will start to open the card until all 5 cards are open.

From every open bookie card you will be able to analyze what combination your card can be.

The winner will be determined from who has the highest card combination.


First, make sure you always concentrate on the game of poker. Observe the game well and carefully.
Read every movement of the opponent so that you will easily read the pattern of the opponent’s game.

Focusing on your poker gambling game will lead you to victory.

Second, playing poker gambling, make sure that you choose the smallest amount bet.
Because you are not familiar with the game of poker gambling, so it’s a good idea to try from the smallest stakes.

Playing often will make you more confident in online poker gambling games. Don’t try to play at big stakes, because the players are already professionals.

When you try to play gambling at large stakes, you can be sure that you will lose.

Expand your playing experience first and your skills just try to jump to bigger stakes.

Third, avoid bluffing techniques from the opponent’s players because if you get stuck the more, you will lose more and more money too.
If you find that there are other players who have raised the bet and your card has not yet become any combination, don’t follow it. If it is only a small amount, the stakes are increased.

However, if the stakes go up a lot, you need to consider folding and not participating in the next game. The most important thing is the card in your hand.

If the card bears you better fold, but when your card is already a combination then defend.

Fourth, know the rules of online poker gambling. Because if you do not know how to play poker then you will lose quickly in this game.
The fifth is using bluffing techniques to bully the opponent’s players. When you can bluff your opponent perfectly then your victory will be 100 percent yours.
This technique also cannot be used in every game session. There are times when you use the right moment and just right.